Cosmetic Dentistry

Did You Know…

99% of Americans think a smile is an important social asset.

Over half of patients who seek cosmetic dentistry are between 41-60 years old.

52% of people say they would smile more if they had a nicer smile.

Don’t let your smile hold you back any longer! Take the first step toward smiling more often and dramatically boosting your confidence with a beautiful new smile.

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If you are unhappy with any aspect of the appearance of your smile, let our skilled and compassionate team at King Family Dental be the one to help!

We have the tools and technology to give you a straighter, whiter, more perfect smile with a simple cosmetic treatment.


Veneers are thin shells of tooth colored porcelain that are bonded to the visible surface of the teeth to give them a more perfect appearance. Veneers can correct a number of cosmetic grievances including teeth that are stained, chipped, crooked, gapped or spaced – all with a single treatment! No need for bonding, orthodontics and teeth whitening, veneers can do it all in one fell swoop! Veneers can correct a single problem tooth, or all of your teeth with a full set. They’re even more stain resistant than your natural teeth!

Teeth Whitening

A professional teeth whitening at King Family Dental is a simple way to take years off of your smile and give yourself a well-deserved confidence boost. It’s unfortunate that teeth tend to yellow and discolor with age, and with the help of some of our favorite vices – coffee, tea, red wine and tobacco are the worst. Fortunately, your Louisville dentist can remove years of stains with a single teeth whitening treatment. Whether you have an important life event coming up, or you’re just tired of looking tired, you deserve to put your best face forward with a bright, vibrant smile.


Tooth bonding or cosmetic bonding is one of the simplest cosmetic treatments, and is ideal for patients who wish to make minor improvements in their smile without doing anything drastic. Bonding is an easy way to correct a number of minor imperfections including teeth that are stained, chipped, crooked, gapped or spaced. We use a tooth colored resin to paint over the surface of the teeth to improve its appearance, and sand it down to perfectly blend in with your natural smile. Viola! A simple change can make all the difference.

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At King Family Dental, we love being able to help our patients achieve and maintain a healthy smile. Oral health is our primary objective as your oral health advisors.

But if we can take a patient who is ashamed and embarrassed of their smile that’s been holding them back for their entire life, and help them find a new sense of confidence with cosmetic dentistry, that’s where our work is truly rewarding.

Advanced Technology

gum disease treatment in Louisville KYAt King Family Dental, our patients love our advanced technology that gives them peace of mind. Our digital x-ray machines allow us to take digital x-rays in a matter of moments right from the dental chair. Digital x-rays are safer as they use less radiation than traditional x-rays, and faster and more convenient than ever before!

We also use high-tech intraoral cameras that give us deeper insight into your oral health for better diagnosis and treatment planning. In the past the only way we could get an up close and personal look at your mouth was through the magic of sight with the help of a tiny dental mirror. Today, with intraoral cameras, we can see high resolution images that give patients a better understanding of their oral health.