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Did You Know…

Flossing daily can increase your life expectancy by 6 years.

Only 12% of people floss daily.

36% of plaque is located between the teeth.

90% of life-threatening diseases have some oral symptoms.

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Oral Hygiene

Have you been brushing regularly, twice every day? How about flossing daily? It’s ok if you haven’t; no one is here to make you feel guilty. We’re all human. What we are here to do is educate you on why good oral hygiene is so important, and give you the knowledge and the tools you need to keep your smile clean and healthy at home.

Our hygiene team provides the most gentle dental care in Louisville, and will give you a good teeth cleaning to take care of any plaque or tartar you may have missed, as well as noting any potential changes to your lifestyle or oral health Dr. King may want to know about.

Tooth Colored Fillings

If we do happen to find an area of decay that needs to be filled with a cavity, we use the most current technology and materials to do so. Tooth colored fillings are more stable than metal with changes in temperature, making them more durable and longer lasting. They are also safer than metal without the use of toxic mercury. Tooth colored fillings stop and prevent further decay, while blending in seamlessly with your natural teeth.

Oral Cancer Screenings

At King Family Dental, one of our most important jobs as your oral health advisors is to screen patients for oral cancer. We are always on the lookout for potential changes or abnormalities in your mouth that may be signs of oral cancer. These include any lumps, swelling, discoloration, or sensitivity in the mouth including the lips, cheeks, tongue, or throat. You should always be aware of and inform your Louisville dentist of any changes in your mouth. Oral cancer screenings save lives!

Mouth Guards

If you or your child is involved in any sort of contact sports, we highly recommend a custom mouth guard from King Family Dental. Custom mouth guards offer a higher level of comfort and protection than stock guards against oral injuries and concussions. If you clench and grind your teeth or suffer from TMJ, a mouth guard can help minimize the forces on your jaw joint and help protect your teeth.

Take Control of Your Oral Health!

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At King Family Dental, we believe prevention is the best medicine. A little bit of preventive care today – a good oral hygiene routine and regular visits with your Louisville dentist – can prevent a whole host of painful and costly oral health problems down the road.

It is our mission to help our patients understand the oral systemic link – the link between oral health and overall health – that is so important and more evident today than ever before. The mouth is a microenvironment that is reflective of the state of health in the rest of your body. In other words, a healthy mouth and a healthy body go hand in hand!

Advanced Technology

At King Family Dental, our patients love our advanced technology that gives them peace of mind. Our digital x-ray machines allow us to take digital x-rays in a matter of moments right from the dental chair. Digital x-rays are safer as they use less radiation than traditional x-rays, and faster and more convenient than ever before!

We also use high-tech intraoral cameras that give us deeper insight into your oral health for better diagnosis and treatment planning. In the past the only way we could get an up close and personal look at your mouth was through the magic of sight with the help of a tiny dental mirror. Today, with the help of intraoral cameras, we can see high resolution images that give patients a better understanding of their oral health.